Air Conditioning Service by Groff's

In order for your air conditioner to perform at peak condition, regular and preventative AC maintenance of your unit is crucial. At Groff’s, we will clean and replace any parts that are worn out. Call us to schedule your AC maintenance before the summer sets in so your home will be ready to stay cool all season long.
With regular, seasonal maintenance, you are ensuring an optimally running air conditioner, which will prevent repair costs and emergency breakdowns in the future. This helps keep your air conditioning system running for many years to come and provides maximum efficiency of your unit.

Extend the life of your AC with help from Groff’s!

Here are the services we offer:

  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Monitor refrigerant levels and pressure
  • Test air conditioner safety controls
  • Clean and/or replace standard air filters
  • Clean & check condenser coil to increase efficiency
  • Measure for correct air flow
  • Lubricate all moving parts to reduce wear (if applicable)
  • Inspect existing evaporator coil
  • Advise of improvements if needed
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3 Reasons To Get Your AC Unit Serviced

Maintain Air Conditioning Filters

Obstruction to your airflow will affect your system’s efficiency from 5% to 15%. Replacing your air filter regularly will lower your energy consumption and keep your bills low!

Service Air Conditioner Coils

Dirt that accumulates in your AC coils needs to be cleaned and outdoor condenser coils should be cleared of debris and foliage.

Condensate Drains

Maintaining your condensate drains will keep your home looking good! Untamed drains cause excess humidity, which can damage your carpet and walls.
To schedule your AC inspection, call Groff’s Heating & Air Conditioning at (651) 424-0794 or use our online form today. Talk to us about our maintenance plans to keep your home cool this summer.