Heater Blowing Cold Air
During the coldest days of winter, having a working heater inside the home is essential. It allows you to control the temperatures in the residence so that everyone indoors feels comfortable despite the extreme chill outside. Having an HVAC professional service the heater prior to turning it on for the first time is highly recommended as it ensures that everything is working correctly and efficiently. A heater that blows cold air instead of warm air has issues. There are many things that could potentially be causing the problem. Some of the most common issues include having the thermostat set incorrectly, tripping the circuit breaker, a closed gas supply valve, faulty heating elements, and low refrigerant. To better understand why each causes problems with your HVAC system, it’s important to know how they relate to your heater as well as how they can be fixed by an HVAC professional.

How to Check Your Thermostat Settings

If you have a programmable thermostat, you’ll want to check its settings regularly to make sure that someone hasn’t changed them without your knowledge. The reason why your heater blows cold air could be due to it being set to a different setting. Put it into heat and the temperature you want the home to be before checking to see if hot air is coming out of the vents.

Locating the Breaker Box and Checking for Tripped Circuits

Knowing the location of the breaker box and being able to access it easily is an asset. It allows you to check the appropriate circuit pertaining to the HVAC system to see if it has been tripped. By flipping the switch off and then on, it should get the electronic starter up and running again so that the heater starts blowing warm, not cold air.

Turning on the Gas Supply Valve After It’s Been Closed

If you’re aware of where the gas supply valve is and turned it off because it was summer, you’ll need to turn it on again so your heater will operate efficiently once again. Without gas, the heating element doesn’t work. You can remedy the situation in minutes without needing the help of a professional.

Identifying Faulty Heating Elements

This task is best left to an expert who knows the inner workings of a heater well. Having a professional check the heating elements after discovering that only cold air is coming out gets the unit up and running faster. If you were to attempt to try to fix the problem yourself, you could potentially make it worse unintentionally.

Signs That Low Refrigerant is Causing the Issue with Your Heater

If the compressor runs for an exceptionally long time, it could be due to low levels of freon. Visible leaks could also indicate a problem. Having a technician come in and test the heat pump refrigerant levels is highly recommended. Scheduling an appointment with an HVAC professional is highly recommended. You can do so today by contacting us by phone or submitting an inquiry online through our website. Taking care of the issue you’re having with your heater right away makes it so you’re able to use the HVAC system without incident throughout the duration of the winter.
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