Furnace Repair by Groff's

In Minnesota, the winters are extreme and your home cannot be without heat for fear of harming its residents. If you have noticed your heater is not heating up, you need to call Groff’s Heating & Air Conditioning to come check your heating system and provide furnace repair. We can quickly assess the situation of your furnace and give you an estimate on what your repair costs will be. Your family’s safety is our number one priority, so if we can fix the problem while we are there, we will! 

Common Furnace Issues

Check out the 9 common furnace issues below. Knowing about some things that can come up with your furnace is half the battle. Knowing what measures to take to fix them is the other half.
If these issues are popping up in your home, give us a call to see how we can get them repaired right away. [block:faq=faq-block]
For quality heating repairs at a fair price, call Groff’s Heating & Air Conditioning today for an estimate throughout the Rosemount and surrounding areas. Reach us at (651) 424-0794.

Furnace Tips For You

Switch the Air Filters

You should be replacing or cleaning your dirty air filters monthly or according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you aren’t sure how to do this, we can show you.

Check the Thermostat

Sometimes a furnace not producing heat is as simple as changing out the battery of your thermostat. Check this first.

If you are still having trouble after checking these items, call Groff’s Heating & Air Conditioning at (651) 424-0794 or use our online form. One of our HVAC technicians will be with you in no time to see why your furnace is having trouble and what we can do to repair it.